• Prim's Algorithm

    Many basic computer algorithms are simple conceptually, but can still be hard to learn from textbooks with lengthy written descriptions. This visualization attempts make learning "Prim's algorithm" easier by showing the concept and code together. D3 and Jquery.event.move were very helpful tools in creating this project.


  • BART Visualization

    This experiment shows how users of BART travel to their stations. I wanted to learn more about d3 reusable charts, so I created an animated bar chart plugin (based on John Wun's simple reusable bar chart). Mouse over any location to see its relationship to the chart!


  • Priority Queue

    A priority queue is an abstract data type that always outputs the element with the highest key. I created this visualization with d3 to show some of the operations of a priority queue implemented with a binary tree.


  • Quantum Colors

    Quantum Colors is a simple color picker which displays discrete color blocks instead of a continuous color spectrum. Dragging the slider adjusts the amount of colors.


  • Lockness Lapswim

    Inspired by my triathlete brother, and his lethargic cats, Lock Ness Lap Swim gives animals a place to exercise. Choose between Wild Boar or Penguin, and swim laps back and forth. Kickboard counters keep track of your laps.


  • Room W651

    Room W651 is my dorm for the 2011-2012 school year. I created this project as a tribute to my wonderful new room. Each page contains a different scale of logistical information, with maps, tool tips and a short paragraph. Working on this project was great; I got to practice coding jquery plugins, and sharpen my illustration skills creating its blackboard themed interface. Come explore my new room!


  • Link List

    Link List is a web app I created to help save valuable tab-estate in my browser. It uses a bookmarklet / list system modeled after Instapaper, Delicious, ect. to save open pages to a list. I wanted to learn ruby, so I used the Sinatra framework for the main app, along with many great gems including Sinatra Authentication, and Data Mapper. Try listing some links!


  • Warsaw Radio Mast

    Warsaw Radio Mast is a simple project I built to experiment with layouts and the font embedding features of CSS. Designed to look like a newspaper, it shows the history of the Warsaw Radio Mast, which stood as the largest man made structure until its collapse in 1991. Text is from Wikipedia.


  • Makani Graphics

    Makani Power is an Alameda California based company developing an Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT). While interning with their awesome business development team, I learned to describe this new technology with charts, illustrations, and photographic documentation.


  • Academic Health Center

    The 2012-2013 school year I worked as a web intern at the Academic Health Center. There I contributed to many internal and external projects including helping refine their color palette, and designing the style guide.


  • Study Spots Icon

    Study Spots is an iPhone / Android application created by the University of Minnesota group NTP^2 to help students find study locations based on criteria like location, noise level, hours of operation ect. I had lots of fun creating the icon, which depicts a student hard at work with their nose in a book.


  • Blimp ReEntry

    1 rigid airship re-entering earth's atmosphere. Several months after I made this I discovered there really were giant gas-filled structures in orbit!


  • Foggy Autumn

    I made this during the fall of 2012. It features a blazered gentleman losing his documents to the harsh autumn wind.


  • Star Trek Poster

    This illustration depicts a starship escaping the gravity well of an exploding star. I chose to represent this star's potential field as a glowing space squid.


  • Escape From Umbrella Museum ☂

    I love umbrellas. Escape from Umbrella Museum takes this love as far is it was ever meant to go, and probably farther. Watch as our wayward protagonist goes on the lam for his love of umbrellas.

  • Colorful Metaphors

    Colorful metaphors is a scene I illustrated from my favorite Star Trek film, Star Trek: The Voyage Home.

  • Cat Burglar

    What? Is he stealing cats? Cat Burglar is an assignment I used to to practice running, slow motion, and camera movement.

  • Balloon Rocket

    Flight test footage from the early Soviet space program. The "Balloon Rocket" was never meant to be.

  • Mid-flight Acrobatics

    Mid-flight Acrobatics is an assignment I used to practice natural motion, looping, and camera movement.