Photo Documentation

I worked as a photographer documenting the development of a novel hydro power turbine for 6 years. The photos were used for marketing as well technical reference. I also managed an archive of 200,000+ tagged photos and streamlined a process for sharing them with the company. I have also worked as a freelance photographer in the mechanical startup space. My photos have been used in external publications and won 1st place in the 2019 Department of Energy "Make a Splash" photo contest.

Technical Illustration

I work closely with engineers to create precise technical illustrations of complex systems.

I specialize in 3D illustration integrated with mechanical CAD design, but also work on a wide range of 2D diagrams, charts, infographics etc. I pride myself on a flexible associative workflow that's easy to update as designs change over time. My illustrations have been used in a variety of media including printed documents, large banners, web pages, web apps, t-shirts etc.

Documentary Videos

I've produced a number of documentary videos to help show technical progress and capture company history. Ranging from 1-15 minutes the videos include interviews of employees, timelapse footage, and candid documentary footage of employees working and generally doing their thing.

Concept Visualization

I bring abstract ideas to life with realistic concept visualizations. My interdisciplinary background in technology and art allows me to fill in the details and grow simple ideas into complex 3D worlds. My visualizations have been used to help prototype and evolve designs, as well as present finished work to stakeholders for approval.

Explanatory Videos

I've produced a number of explanatory videos detailing the advantages and operation of mechanical systems. The videos integrate music, voiceover, archival footage, and 3D animations to succinctly present complex technical concepts.

Computer Aided Illustration

I specialize in using scripts and web apps to prototype and refine illustrations that would be difficult to create by hand. These include complex maps, 3D overlays, unique charts, mechanical systems, procedural animations, etc.

3D / CAD

I use CAD and 3D extensively in my illustration and am proficient in top-down parametric modeling. I also specialize in collaborating with engineers to "wrangle" complex models and export or alter models as necessary. In addition I've used 3D animation software to flexibly model optical devices and organic layouts.

Photo Composite

As a photographer and graphic designer I specialize in annotating photos with graphical elements. These graphics are quick to produce since they require no complex renderings or illustration, and provide high levels of information density and context.

Patent Illustration

I've provided patent figures for a number of innovative mechanical applications. I am familiar with figure drawing rules, and the unique process of reducing color graphics to black and white. I use both CAD and 3D animation tools to extract geometry from engineering models, and produce clean line art. I have a background in mechanical design which allows me to intelligently interpret ambiguous details and streamline the filing process.


In my spare time I love creating fun graphics to entertain myself and others.